Boarding -

Burch Farm boards horses of all breeds, disciplines, and ages but specializes in the boarding and foaling-out of broodmares. We offer both pasture or stall boarding with optional turn-out services; essentially, we treat your horse like our own. We have a vet on call for emergencies and with over 40 years experience, you can trust us with your biggest family member. 

Sales -

At Burch Farm, we like to put a focus on quality over quantity. That's why we don't try to make quick sales and big profits on horses that may not be right for you. We allow you to ride and evaluate our horses before purchasing. And if you're not satisfied after you take him home, just bring him back! We'll find the right horse to suit you and your needs. Curious about what we have for sale? Check out the "PONIES" and "TRAIL AND SHOW HORSES" tabs. 

Broodmare Care- 

With more than 30 years of experience foaling mares, broodmare care just comes naturally to us. In fact we foal out around 20 mares each year. But in case anything does go wrong, we offer overnight surveillance of our foaling mares during the last month of their gestation and 24/7 on call veterinary services. 

Livestock - 

Burch Farm has begun raising a small number of Nigerian Dwarf goats. If you are interested in purchasing, check in later for more details! Babies are on the way!