Burch Farm Blog

Then and Now

When I was about ten, my dad finally decided it was time to get me a "real" show horse. So we found Money in America: a four year old mare that would carry me into the world of performance horse showing. And that she did. She was the first horse I rode in the outdoor ring at the National Celebration and I loved her.  



But a couple years passed and it came time for me to step up in the world and get a better horse. MIA was sold to some friends of our family who, after showing her a few times, took her home to be a retired lady. Fast forward seven years and a friend of mine is snooping craigslist and stumbles upon a rescued former show mare. She sends me the email and it's MIA, all skin and bone. So Dad and I made our way to Clarksville, TN to pick her up.  

It took an entire summer to get weight back on her. But I continued to ride her and enjoy her. Soon though, the Blackwells came alone. A family comparable to the Robertsons of Duck Dynasty. We've bought hay from them for numerous years and they had, of late, become in need of a trusty steed. We had just the one. Charles and Debbie Blackwell came and rode MIA with their two grandsons and it was true love.  



Then, she taught me how to show, now she teaches them how to ride, respect, and love a horse. MIA will never be just a horse to me or likely the Blackwells either. She will no doubt have a forever home with these boys and always have a place in the heart of Burch Farm.