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Thirteen Sold to a Family of Eleven

This past weekend was a busy one for the Byler family, but thankfully they made time to stop by our farm and check out the ponies. The Bylers are an Amish family of eleven from Kentucky where they have their own horse farm, and the children are just as integral to the training process as the parents. They picked Bet on Thirteen, a registered stallion pony, to make the trip home with them. He will be used as their breeding stallion and to pull their buggies. We have no doubt that the nine Byler children will have him broke by the end of the month and we are so grateful that he is getting a loving home where he will be used on a daily basis. These ponies are nice to look at, but it's satisfying to see one used for their original purpose. Hopefully we will be seeing Thirteen's babies on the ground by 2015!