Burch Farm was started in 1986 with the purchase of 30 acres on Arno Road by Webby and Sally Burch. Together, they built a horse farm from the ground up, or rather, from an old barn up. With Webby's lifetime of horse-training experience and Sally's love of animals, the farm grew and so did their family. Webb and Rachel were added to the mix in '88 and '91 respectively. 


Today, the farm boards nearly 65 equine occupants, 5 dogs, 3 cats, and a mischievous goat. From their humble beginnings, the Burches have grown to earn numerous World Championship honors at the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration while running a successful boarding and training facility. 

In 2009, Sally purchased a registered Walking pony stallion in the hopes of living out her dream of raising registered Tennessee Walking Horse ponies. And her dream came true. Little Jimmy Dickens stands at only 13.2 hands and produces the smallest registered Walking ponies today in both solid and spotted colors. His offspring are handled from day one and are typically sold shortly after birth so they go quickly! They are very docile and calm, so they're great for either lead-line or young kids. Most of these ponies will mature around 13-13.2 depending on the size of the mare. 


Through all their success, the Burches haven't lost sight of what's important: honesty, integrity, and good business.  

"As a family owned and operated farm, we pride ourselves on the quality of our horses as well as our business practices. We ensure every horse we sell with a one week, money back guarantee which means if you aren't happy with your horse, you aren't stuck with him. This applies particularly to our trail horses which are ridden and evaluated extensively before being listed for sale."  

At the end of the day, this farm isn't just a business, it's a family, held together with love, baling wire, and hard work.